Our Qualifications

Dan Witham is a Branch Manager and Registered Principal with LPL Financial. A graduate of Miami University, member of MENSA and the International High IQ Society, he has over 24 years experience in the securities industry. Dan is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Finance at Harvard University. Formerly an Associate Vice President with Morgan Stanley, he knows his way around Wall Street. Dan has taught classes for  numerous law enforcement agencies around the country, including The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), Tulsa Police Department and Lawton Police Department.

Dan has devoted the last 22 years of his free time to our city. Dan serves as a reserve deputy for the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office. He routinely works patrol, makes traffic stops and takes calls, all to serve his community.

Dan was recently recognized by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation for his work on an important homicide case. He received OSBI's Red Feather Award for his efforts. In addition, Dan has been awarded the Reserve Officer of the Year Award by the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #189. He is not paid for the hours he puts in as an officer. Dan contributes approximately 1,000 hours per year to this endeavor. In February 2012, Dan was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal by Sheriff Stanley Glanz in recognition of his effort. He was also named Reserve Deputy of the Year by Sheriff Glanz in April 2014.

Dan works with the Tulsa County Criminal Justice Authority. He serves as Chairman of the Sales Tax Overview Committee. In his capacity as Chairman, Dan reports directly to John Smaligo, Head County Commissioner.

Dan holds the following securities registrations* and insurance licenses:

Series 7 - General Securities Represenative Examination*

Series 63 - Uniform Securities Agent State Law Examination*

Series 65 - Uniform Investment Advisor Law Examination*

Series 24 - General Securities Principal Examination*

Life and Health Insurance

Personal Property and Casualty

Commercial Property and Casualty


 *Securities registrations held with LPL Financial.